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Who prohesied the Bethlehem Star?

Who were the Magi?

Why were the Magi Called Wise Men?

Are Israel and the Church the same or Different?

Are Russia and the Crimea in the Bible?

Are the Giants in Noahs Day Half-angels?

Daniel Dream statue and Beast vision compared

Gog and Magog: Are Ezekiel and Revelation talking about the same event?

Have you heard of the second coming of Jesus?

How do Genesis and Revelation Compare?

How does Daniel Chapter 7 and 8 tie together?

How does Daniel tie to the Revelation?

Is the Antichrist mentioned in the Old Testament?

Is the Rapture a sign-less event?

Nebuchadnezzars Dream, Part 1

Nebuchadnezzars Dream, Part 2 – Interpreted by Daniel

What are the 70 Weeks of Daniel Part 1

What are the 70 Weeks of Daniel Part 2

What are the 70 Weeks of Daniel Part 3 – The 70th Week

When did the 70 weeks of Daniel begin Part 4

How many days are in the 70 years of Daniels 70 Weeks Part 5

Was the Scepter removed from Judah before the Messiah came?

Were the Magi Using Astrology to Find Jesus

What are the times of the Gentiles?

What does Jacobs Ladder mean?

What does Noahs Ark have to do with Resurrection Sunday?

What is the difference in the Rapture and the 2nd Coming?

What is the Fullness of the Gentiles?

What is the Law of the Tenth Generation?

Who was the first prophet in the Bible?

Why Study Prophecy?

Why was a Benjamite the First King of Israel?

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