Revival Sermons

Keith Fordham Revival Sermons

“Christ Accepter or Christ Rejecter”
A Message Dealing with the opportunity that people have to accept or reject God’s plan and provision. This message flows from the book of 1st Samuel through the life of King Saul of Israel.

“Practical Atheists”
Revival Sermon dealing with commitment, Church membership and getting right with God. Practical atheism, False atheism and True atheism are dealt with a powerful call to commitment, re-dedication and even salvation are given.

“When Good Men Die Like Fools”
The Cities of Refuge are decoded. The unnecessary death of Abner because he failed to take refuge in the city of Refuge expounded. Christ is the city of refuge for mankind. Many are at the door and will not step into Christ.

“Rivers of Blood”
Leviticus 17:11; Hebrews 9:22; 1 John 1:7

“Build Your Home on the Lord Jesus Christ”
Dr. Keith Fordham’s sermon on the family from the Psalms.

“Tabernacle in the Wilderness”
An overview of the Tabernacle as related to Jesus.

“Overcoming Discouragement”
Scriptural Causes, Circumstances, and Cure of discouragement are studied and illustrated. 6 ways to overcome discouragement are clearly seen.

“How to Give God’s Invitation”
Revelation 22:17. 2 Timothy 4:1-5 and the word Parakaleo to beside call are all studied. A defense of the public Invitation to Christ and how to give it God’s way are all preached and illustrated.

“What is Baptism?”
Description Romans 6:1-11. What is Baptism?  Where should one be baptized? When should one be baptized? Why should one be baptized? Who should be baptized? You learn baptism is not for babies.

“Will of God”
This Bible sermon is based on Ephesians Chapter 5 and deals with how a young man or lady can know God’s will for his or her life. This youth message also applies to anyone wishing to follow God’s will. Dr. Fordham often extends God’s invitation for youth to make a commitment towards purity in dating and living.

“Devil’s 4 Ferocious Lies”
Satan’s 4 Ferocious lies ruined the world. Dr. Fordham tells you what the lies are and how to overcome them by the blood of the Lamb, the power of your testimony with total commitment to Christ. Genesis 3 and Revelation 12:11 are featured. the you will be like God lie is exposed. The devil is like a broken clock. There are 84,400 seconds in a day. Even a broken clock is right for two seconds. That is never the whole story. Lies of the devil are treacherous and treasonous.

“Blessings Out of the Curses”
Genesis 3. Blessings for mankind are inherent with and in every curse which God doled out. The curse on the serpent helps eradicate rodents. The curse on Satan gives the promise of victory over God’s enemy. The curse on God’s son makes man’s salvation possible. Even the curse on the woman and man have blessings for mankind. Physical death of man has the blessing of an immortal body.

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